dinsdag 19 juni 2012

SL Inactivity

Ipkiss Igaly is no longer active on SL on a daily base. She returned to the 'tourist status'. Ty, tc.

zondag 26 december 2010

Seasons Greetings

Ho ho ho :)
I have been very bussy till last week :) Lots of shows and things to take care of :) So little time to blog:)
And it's already past Xmas, now :)

I'm not that a big fan of Christmas, for personal reason (I have bad memories about it), but I do love one thing about it: all the 'best wishes' I get. I'm a fan of cards hehe :)
Ty to all friends and people that sent me one.

And... Merry Christmas an a happy new year to all of you :)

zondag 24 oktober 2010

Glasshouse - SteinWerk

Well here u go. While this is building, i'ts also design, but also fashion.. And this blog wouldn't be about fashion... I'm a glasses fan, so I couldn't let this go by ;)
The designer herself also in her profile talkes about how she loves 'building', not 'designing' ;) (ty ;)). Making glasses is sure first building, than designing, I believe too

I saw great glasses (I bought 3 pair) and also watches that are extremely detailed. If you're like me, and u love glasses, it's a place to go and at leatst take LM there - for when u need them ;)

Brand: SteinWerk
Designer: Aveline Stein
Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Primitive%20City/180/97/70

zondag 17 oktober 2010

Dinner is served - Pallaeu

About the lobster, lol.

I was in this place yet a while ago. I still remember, so it must have been worth it. Above is a pic with some plates, but many other odd things can be found there.

She's not always low on prims, but the designs are very detailed.

For example, in the pic above, the lobster: 10 prims, 100 L$ (ok that's for free ;)) I bought me one, & the oister platter (18 prims, 100 L$). Hmmmm :))

The designer is Amara Parmelee, the brand is "Pallaeu"

About my yacht - Homewood yachts

Here's a pic of the interior of the boat.

Many types of boats can be found there, the store is spread on the entire sim.

The sailyacht I set out (Tempesta) counts 300 prims (though the note that comes with the package saying u need a minimum of 255). But 3 types of Tempesta come in the package, I suppose there is a version lower in prim than what I put out.

The price is ... well it's 10x my houses that is 500m higher than the yacht. I paid 3000 L$ for this Tempesta.

Fyi (and possible neighbours complaining 'bout their line of sight: the sails can be lowered :)

The designer is Architect Homewood, the brand is 'Homewood Yachts'.

About my house - 'Inside Studio'

Ok about my house now, see previous post :)

U'll love this one. As said before, it's fully furnished, and only takes 485 prims in total. I'm not gonna say much more about it, pics (see url below) say more than words. All I added here is a pic from the rez zone on the designers sim.
All there's left to say here is the price I paid for this awesome house: 300 (threehunderd) L$.

Yes, I know, thats ... impossible. But believe me, go see for urself. I even bought an 'expensive' house there, I remember some over there only priced 199 L$ :)

The designer is Novocaine Islay, and the brand is "Inside Studio".
Here are some links, and the surl.
Pics from my house's interior as-it-comes

Enjoy ! :)))

Some more about this blog

Ok first some more about what I want to blog about (see also 'About this blog' on the right side).

Let me introduce you to my land. On the pics here u see what I have there. It's a 4096m² plot with 1406 prims to use. It's not easy to find, I've been told. Above that, I have the luck of being in a corner spot. Tier per week: 2250 L$.
No, I have no intention of moving in the near future ;)

On ground level, I set out a (static) yacht. Though it's very narrow inside, one can actually sleep, cook & even take a bath in it. Yes, also, it contains a bed with poses ;). Indeed, I just put it out because I had left enough prims after setting the house, and to spread my wealth lol :) I'll come back on that yacht & its designer later, but refer to its prims amount now: 300.
In the air, I got a luxurious house, also more to follow about that later. 3 levels, all necessary furniture, even bath room & office & bar, included. Total prims: 485.
So here u go, and what I wanna point out: I have all I need, or possible could dream for on such a little spot of land, for a simple 785 prims.
In building your own SL cocoon, next to style (of course lol), it's all about prims. Well I ll try to be a guide here. I'll show u wonderfull creations, and all u need to know about them: #prims, designer, surl, (ia)other links.
All this in an attempt to brighten your home, the place where u spend your free time with the ones you love.
Furthermore, I'll share sims, locations with you that took my breath away, for one or another reason. Also bizar, even maybe useless designs will appear in this blog, as long as they amaze me.